Gutter Repairs

PJM Landscapes of Wakefield can also provide gutter repairs & maintenance of gutters. Water escaping from leaking gutters can cause damp and results serious damage to your property. Repairing gutters before they cause further damage can save you a great deal of expense.

Unblocking Gutters

All kinds of objects and debris, from leaves to bird's nests, and even tennis balls can block your guttering causing it to overflow.

PJM landscapes can identify and remove gutter blockages, preventing gutter leaking and house damage.

Repair Leaking Gutters

UPVC gutters can crack, and the plastic joints can also begin to leak. PJM Landscapes can repair and replace damaged UPVC gutters.

Metal gutter can rust or fracture. PJM landscapes can treat and restore rusted metal gutters, and also replace broken metal gutters.

Insurance Quotes Welcome

We can also provide written quotations for insurance claims.

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